Yoga for a Lifetime

“Strengthening muscles to support movement and mobility"


Understanding the Mind/Body Connection 


At The Yoga Center of Greenwich, we practice a unique system of ancient hatha yoga that originated roughly 5,000 years ago.  Our yoga system is based upon the original teachings of the yoga master, Bishnu Ghosh, guru of Tony Sanchez and Bikram Choudhury.  The yoga postures (asanas) work the entire body to balance and strengthen the spine, muscles, tendons and ligaments. 

Toni Goodrich and Heather Trzuskowski, the original founders of The Yoga Center, have streamlined the original 84 asanas to create a unique practice of “Muscle Activation Therapy.”  The concept is based upon building muscle strength for stability and use of the breath and energy for greater mobility and flexibility.

When there is a balance between strength, breath and concentration, tremendous energy can be created. 

The high level of disciplined physical exercise brings spiritual inspiration and body awareness, inspiring one to treat ones body, oneself and others with more heightened sensitivity.  We stress proper alignment in our classes, so our students progress without strain or injury.  This is yoga for a lifetime.






Our System


Our system has a long lineage.  Every pose is meant to be performed in a given order, opening up the body progressively.  This disciplined approach teaches one to steadily make new demands of oneself…working in an increasingly more focused manner, each day learning more, and learning how to respond to the world around us, in a calmer more relaxed manner.  There is equal importance and balance of physical exertion and relaxation operating simultaneously.  The systematic approach promotes physical strength simultaneously allowing the mind to relax.

The purpose of moving different parts of the body in a ritualized sequence is a great healing science of pushing blood and energy through the body creating greater life force.  This represents the concept of doing yoga from the inside out.  A therapeutic and synergistic balance and counterbalance between the muscles that provides the greatest health benefit.  One can never completely master the poses that we do, just as we can never completely master life.  There will always be change around us, and we continue to work on controlling what we can, the breath, the big toe, the knee or the hip, or your attitude about it all!







Our practice focuses on proper alignment.  Proper alignment is the key to developing the postures (asanas).  Without precise alignment, your pose loses the benefit.  At The Yoga Center, we focus first on alignment, then slowly deepening the pose through breath.  We work with a renowned Sports Medicine doctor who has trained gold medal Olympic athletes, to ensure that all poses that we perform are beneficial to the body supporting optimal strength and health.



The Heat


Yoga was originally performed in India, where it is very warm.  The warmth helps open, warm and then stretch the muscles.  The heat allows for the body to move more safely into the postures. Sweating helps detoxify the body. The heat warms the body which helps the body relax, further focusing the mind, in turn developing better mental concentration.







Yoga is the oldest system of personal improvement in the world. The Yoga Center of Greenwich focuses on the development of a personal yoga practice. Our practice is designed to inspire the beginner and challenge the experienced.


We recommend that you do not eat at least two hours before practice. If necessary, have something light such as a piece of fruit or yogurt. Drink plenty of water before & after class. 


Lauren Berger is the Director of The Yoga Center.  Lauren has been trained for 20 years by the former directors, Toni Goodrich and Heather Trzuskowski, the mother daughter team. The Center was founded in 1992 and has been at the present location ever since, right on Greenwich Avenue.  Our teachers have studied all forms of Hatha Yoga.  Our founders studied primarily with Bikram Choudhury, Tony Sanchez, Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, David Swensen and TKV Desikachar.